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Since I am not allowed to sell anything on this web site (it's a free web site), I have listed places you can go to purchase the games I have posted.  Keep in mind that some of these games are very rare and are hard to find.  Also, I have no control over prices.  Some of these games are highly sought after and sell for a premium ($200+).  But if you are patient, or if you are willing to not have a Mint game, then the game can be found.  The easiest and sometimes the most cost effective place to look for games is, of course, ebay.  The people selling usually give a good description of the game and what condition it is in.  The other sites I have listed are more for newer games, but older games can be found.  Another way to purchase games is the the newsgroups.  I will check with Mike to find the best ones.  So here is the list:

Ebay ( for anything

BoardGameGeek (  Mostly newer games

Funagain Games (  Mostly newer games

German Games (  They have German games.

Amazon/Toy R Us (both found at  Books and games

Middle Earth Games (  PBEM Middle Earth Game.

Decipher Games (  RPG games.

Games Workshop (  The miniatures game.

Lord of the Rings Net (  Official Web site.

Noble Knight Games ( - no www).  Older and newer games here.

Recgames.boardgame.marketplace. (good place to find some of the older and more rarer games)

Sabertooth Games ( for the LOTR Combat Hex Tradeable Miniatures Game.

Mike ([email protected]) -I'm looking to sell some of my tolkien boardgames. If anyone is interested, please email me

Impact International  ( for the UK Lord of the Rings boardgames