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Lord of the Rings: Tri-Memo Game (card game)

Published by BETEXA Games (Czech Republic), Distributed in the UK by Feva UK, Ltd , 2003

Originally, I thought this game was going to be called LOTR Memory Game, but I was wrong.  It is a memory game, but instead of matching two cards, you have to match up three.

There isn't much to the game.  I will show it in pictures.  The game also comes with a mini poster of Minas Tirith.  It has nothing to do with the game, but it is a really cool picture.

Here is a picture of the game box front...

Here are a copy of the Rules.  On the other side is a mini poster of Minas Tirith.  Very good looking.  A little hard to read, but I will enhance later.


A picture of the "Cards"


The Back of the Box...


In place of writing out the rules, here are the rules...


And now finally, the game comes with a mini poster that looks like this (the right edge is cropped as it is bigger than my scanner...)  It is a really nice picture of Minas Tirith.  A scan doesn't do it justice.