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The Lord of the Rings Game (dice/board)

Published around Sept, 2007 by Sophisticated Games (UK)

Designer Mike Siggins; Ages 6 and up.  2-5 players.  Play time 20 minutes

I don't know much about this game but says it is a dice game, but it uses a board.  It looks like the circular board comes in 4 pie pieces.  There are some dice, counters, playing pieces, and some color cubes.  I downloaded some of the pictures from BoardgameGeek until I get my own copy.

Here is what is said on BoardgameGeek:

"In their First Action, players move forward one space along the Adventure Track. For their Second Action, players take an appropriately coloured Challenge Tile. Their Third Action involves resolving the challenge by rolling one, two or three dice to match of exceed the number on the Challege Tile. A player's Corruption Marker is moved along the Corruption Track the same number of spaces as the number of dice they have chosen. Players may used Reward Tiles they have acquired to add to their dice roll. If a player fails the challenge, play passes to the left. If a player is successful, then that player may take a Reward Tile or move on the attempt a further challenge. The game is over if a Hobbit Piece progresses to Mount Doom and destroys the One Ring, or if all players have become corrupted."

And below are some of the pictures.  More later.

The box front

Game contents

The back of the box

The board and pieces.