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TelePizza Games, Three (boardgames)

TelePizza, Spain/Portugal, 2003 or 2004.

Telepizza is a Pizza Joint in Spain and Portugal.  They had a Lord of the Rings promotional game set (a game with every pizza!).  Three games in all.  The boxes are blue which indicates they are based on the color scheme of the third movie.  This also means a Trilogy edition that is based on all three movies (Green was for Fellowship and Red was for Two Towers).  I only have two of the three games that were available and all instructions are in Spanish and Portugese.  One game is some sort of a card game.  The other one I have is a mini checkers game.  I got these games from Manuel (thank you very much Manuel), but he was unable to get a copy of the third game.  I hope he finds some pictures.  I have to scan in some of the pictures that I have and I will post them soon.



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