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Lord of the Rings - Fellowship of the Ring (boardgame), 2002

Published by RoseArt

Ages 8 and up


There are two versions of this game, there is a box version and a tin box version.  This is the first of three games.  When finished, they will all be able to be connected together to play one big game.

Review to come.

I still owe a review, but if you have played the game, here is a clarification I got from RoseArt on a part of the Rules:

Hi David,

Here are the answers to your questions below regarding the Lord of the Rings game.


1. Once the Ringwraiths are awakened they only move 2 spaces when Frodo moves any amount of spaces. Example: Frodo moves 6, Ringwraiths move 2


2. An attack occurs when either a character pawn moves into the Ringwraiths space or if the Ringwraiths move into a character's space.


3.The evil point penalty is given to the character who is on the same spot as the Ringwraiths.


Hopefully these answers are helpful with your game play. If you have any further questions, please feel free to email me. Thank you for your inquiry. Have a wonderful day!



Thanks Blair!

Fellowship of the Ring Boardgame Box

Back of the box

Tin Box Version

Back of Tin Box

Side shot of game board

Game Contents