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The Ringbearer (miniatures)

Published by Little Soldiers Games, 1975

A miniatures game set to the story of Lord of the Rings.  The purpose of the game is to move the Ringbearer from the Shire to Mordor to destroy the One Ring without being caught.  Of course since this is a game, the Hobbits are not necessarily the ones that have to accomplish this task.

I was lucky to obtain a Ringbearer in which the owner had written a letter to Ed Konstant asking two questions about the game and Ed replied back. I will post the two questions asked  in italics and the response by Ed will be in bold.

1. I have a question concerning your rules in Ringbearer. If more than one personality figure was in a group and in an area where roving monsters would have to be rolled for, would you roll once for each member in the group or one roll for the group as a whole?

Roll for the group

2. Also if roving monsters do appear when personality figures in a group, now would combat be divided (surely if only the hobbit rolled roving monster, the rest of the group wouldn't stand by and watch)

Controlling players decide combat -not referee

Hopefully anyone who plays Ringbearer and had questions like this will find this useful :-)


Little Soldiers Games The Ringbearer has many different printings. Below is what I can distinguish about the different prints:

1st print: 24 pages
2nd print: 40 pages, last page does not tell Little Soldiers Games address, could have different color covers, mine is Green and I have a light brown/tan cover.
3rd print: 40 pages, last page shows Little Soldier Games address, could have different color covers, mine is Olive green.

** The light brown/tan version I have also has a little paper flyer stapled onto it by Gamescience stating that they will pay people who can teach others how to play the Ringbearer. Strange huh?

If anyone has a Ringbearer that is inconsistent with what I have listed, please let us know!

1st print. 24 pages, yellow cover.

2nd print. 40 pages, green cover

3rd print. 40 pages olive/green cover