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Quest of the Magic Ring (boardgame)

Published by Land of Legend; 1st edition (unpublished) 1973; 2nd edition (published) 1975 3rd edition (published) 1976

Ages 12 to Adult


Quest of the Magic Ring Box


We have found the 1st edition copy of this game, look below for a picture of the rulebook. Due to legal reasons, some of the names had to be changed to protect the company.  Aragorn is The Ranger, The Cracks of Doom is The Crack of Fire, and Saruman is the White Wizard with Sauron as Dark Lord.  The men of Gondor are the Citadel Men.  Gandolf though is Gandolf and there are Dark Lord Orcs and there is a Ringbearer.  This game was well thought out and is faithful to the spirit of the books.

Here is what we believe the versions are for Quest of the Magic Ring

1st edition -booklet is 8 pages.
2nd edition -booklet is 12 pages, could have a variety of things included such as flyers, large yellow "One Ring to Rule them All"
poster, etc.  Some of the games don't have any extras while some have them.

To make things easier, a complete Quest of the Magic Ring should have:

Rule book
plastic ring
16 colored stone pieces
large map (paperboard)
piece list card

If you have a yellow poster, sales sheet, or anything not listed here above, consider those extras.

Below is a rulebook from a 1st edition. It looks far different than the rulebook in the 1976 rulebook and is also only 8 pages in length compared to 12 on the 1976 edition.

1st edition Rulebook


Game consists of the following:

Coated heavy paperboard (22" x 28")

Rulebook (12 Pages)

Colored “stone” playing pieces, 16 (colors – 4 red, 2 black,3 green, 1 gold, 1 clear, 2 blue, 2 purple, 1 brown)

Dime store golden ring

Yellow advertising sheet (15.5" x 11") "One Ring To Rule Them All"

Piece List Card (3.25" x 4")

1 Unknown yellow Advertisment? sheet (8.5" x 11"?) (see picture below under rule book - if anyone has a scan of this sheet, let us know and we will post it)


Quest of the Magic Ring



Playing Pieces