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O Senhor dos Aneis - A Sociedade do Anel - A Guerra do Anel (Boardgame)

Brazil - Glasslite; 2001

Translates (I think): "Lord of the Rings - The Fellowship of the Ring - The War of the Ring"

I really could use some more information on this game.

I have now mostly translated the rules to this game.  When I finialize it, I will post it here.  I'll get some pictures posted as well.

Box Front

The back of the box

The Game board

Playing board

The Good Guys

And the Bad Guys

These are the Movement pieces.  The best translation I could find, these are called Fiches.

Blefe means Bluff.  They are used as a bluff move.


O Senhor dos Aneis: A Sociedade do Anel: A Guerra do Anel (boardgame)

Translation: Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Rings: The War of the Rings

Published by Glasslite, Brazil, 2002?

2-6 players

Designer Lucio Abbondati

The is a unique boardgame from Brazil.  The rules are all in Portuguese, but I have made a rough translation.  We have been in contact with the designer Lucio, and he is supposed to help us with the translation.  He also mentioned that when Glasslite, who was having business problems when this came out, published the game, they changed the rules somewhat making the game uneven.  Lucio sent me a correction to the game and I will post it soon.

The basic game is to move the Fellowship across the board to Mt Doom to destroy the ring.  The Fellowship player has bluff pieces that he can play.  The Mordor player, of course, trys to stop the Fellowship.  There are arrow tiles that determine movement and combat.  Counter attack tiles allow both sides to defen attacks.

This is a very hard game to find.  As I mentioned, Glasslite had some problems (I'm not sure if they are still in business or not now) and this game is even hard to find in Brazil.  I have heard from two people have this game, one is Brazil, one here in the US.  The game is sort of like Stratego, but not quite.  I will explain the game later.

For now, here are some pictures of the game.  If you want a copy of the rough translation, let me know and I will send it to you.  I am waiting to hear back from Lucio how good of a translation I have.  What is also interesting is that Lucio is a TV producer of a show that talks about Boardgames.  I'll have to find out more about that.

The box

Here is the back of the box

And here is the board

And here is the game laid out.