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Memory - Lord of the Rings

Published by Ravensburger - 2004?

Not to be confused with either the Recall Game from 1978 or the Memory Game which is in the Tri-memo game (2003).

I don't know much about this game other than its standard memory game using pictures from the Movie.  I came across it on on a sub menu with no information about it.  It has the blue cover art from The Return of the King and has New Line Cinema logo at the bottom.  I never saw this for sale anywhere at that time.

From the cover art it looks like a standard Memory game.  There are a series of pairing pictures.  Tiles are laid out face down.  Turn over two cards and try to remember where the matching pair could be, if you saw both.  It seems the older you get the harder this game gets.  The mechanics are exactly like the old LOTR Recall Game based on the Ralph Balshi animated LOTR movie back in 1978.  This game looks like it uses photos of the characters from the movie.

That's all I know.