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Lord of the Rings Labyrinth (boardgame)

German - Ravensburger, 2003 - There is an English version of this game.

This is a Lord of the Rings version of an older German game called Amazing Labyrinth.  There are several versions of the game.  I think this is an easy game to play.  From what I have read, this should be a good game.

The box.  Yes, there is an English version of this game.

The Board.


Lord of the Rings: Labyrinth (Boardgame)

Published by Ravensburger, Germany, 2003

The rule book covers many languages, including English.  The game itself is international.

There are other Labyrinth games, and this is one that is themed after The Lord of the Rings.  This is a hidden maze game with the path revealed as the game is played.  Sort of like Dungeons and Dragons.

More later.  Pictures for now.

The outer box

And the board.