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Lord of the Rings Tradeable Miniatures Game, Combat Hex (miniatures)

Published by Sabertooth Games (subsidiary of Games Workshop), 2003


New miniatures game first displayed at the San Diego Comic-Con, 2003 and GenCon 2003.  All I have at the moment is a flyer that they were passing out.  More later.  Check out their website at

They have now posted their rule book as of Sep 02, 2003.

New:  Sabertooth Games now have a Starter and Booster Pack available starting Oct 25, 2003.  Go to their web site to find a location of a specialty store that sells their products.

Here are a couple of borrowed pictures from SabertoothGames.  When I take my own, I will replace these.  But for now here are the Starter and Booster Packs:



Flyer from San Diego Comic Con