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Lord of the Rings - Backgammon

Published by USAOpoly, 2003

This game is now out.  Review to come.

Not much to review (I'll have to check to see if there are any special LOTR rules, but I don't think there are).  The box set is a very nice set.  It is a wooden boax very well built with Lord of the Rings engraved on the front.  The pieces are silver and gold colored rings.  As far as I can tell, as I mentioned, the game is just backgammon.  If you like backgammon, this is a very nice set that I don't think is too expensive.  Keep in mind that it might now be Out of Print, but it can still be found on ebay, and I think Amazon/ToyRUs still carry it (as of May '04).

Here is a picture of the game...