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LEGO: The Battle of Helms Deep, Lord of the Rings

Published by Lego

2-4 Players, Ages 8 and up


This looks really fun and is for all ages. LEGO and Lord of the Rings.  This is a strategy game too, not just a playset. But kids might be able to play with it as well. As far as I have seen, this and the LEGO Hobbit Memory Game are the only two true games related to Tolkien's work.


Looks to include 28 Lego micro-figures (including Aragorn, Haldir™, Eowyn™, Gimli, Legolas, King Théoden™, 4 Rohirrim™ swordsmen, Uruk-hai archer, 5 Uruk-hai Berserkers, Uruk-hai leader and 11 Uruk-hai swordsmen). And has 3 missions to play. I haven't read the rules yet, but here is what it looks like.