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A Guerra Do Anel


Battle of the Five Armies (LORE) 1975

Battle of the Five Armies (TSR) 1976

Battle of the Five Armies (ICE) 1984

Battle of the Five Armies (Nexus) 1997

Battle of the Five Armies (Ares) 2014

Battle of Destiny

Battle of Helms Deep 1974

Battle of Helms Deep

Battle of the Ring

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It's time to update this site. Been too long. I've been saving game information that I have found since 2014. I just found two expansions for the old SPI Games of Middle Earth / Sauron and Gondor. Newly created in 2021 are Helm's Deep, and the Fords of Isen. I need to update other games and update this site in general. So, stick with me here. I'm about to retire from my normal day job and I hope to have more time to dedicate time for content to this old site. David - May 6, 2023.


I have upgraded my site with a new Site Builder. Much better than the old one. So now I can finally updated my pages and add new games. Lots of new games based on The Hobbit movie, and new Lord of the Rings games such as WizKids - The Lord of the Rings: Nazgul (2012). So welcome to my new upgradable site. And please contact me if you need anything. 

Welcome to David and Mike's (only managed by David now) and Tolkien Boardgame website. This website is for those who collect Tolkien Boardgames or have an interest in playing Tolkien games. We hope you enjoy the hard work the two of us have put into researching and finding all of the known Tolkien Games.  Check out the Chronology listing below, or check the Alphabetized list on the left for the Tolkien game you are looking for.  If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask.


With the release of the new Hobbit movies, game publishers are coming out with a whole new set of games, or expansions to the old games.  I will try to update the information I have and bring you any news of any new game developments.  If anyone has any information on any Tolkien game world wide, I would love to hear from you.

 Serving the public since April 2003. 

Most of the games listed are boardgames, but we have also listed other types like miniature wargaming, collectable card games, a few computer games, Role Playing Games, and others.  This site has turned into a Tolkien Game website, but our interest is mostly boardgaming.  WE might even dabble in creating a game or two of our own.  We will let you know about that when, and if, the time comes.

Always check out our What's New page first.  I am always trying to add new content.  It just takes time.


So come on in and take a peak of what I have been able to put together.  Of course, if you see any omissions or mistakes, please let us know.  If you have a review for a game or some additional information, send it in and I will post it.  Check out our What's New Page for what's new.  So welcome to our site.  All you have to do is "Speak Friend and enter".

I am constantly working on the site to get all the information I have out to you.  I have collected a lot of information, I just need the time to post it.  Occasionally, this site locks down and is difficult to get in, but Freeweb usually gets it working again within a day, so just check back.  If one of the Chronology links doesn't work, try the Alphabetical links on the left.  Those are the original links.


Tolkien Boardgame Chronology

Below is a Chronology of all Tolkien boardgames ever published, that we can find. Click on the names of the games to go to their respective pages.  If you know of a game that is not on the list, please contact us.





----Conquest of the Ring (Hobbit Toys and Games)  



----Chainmail (Guidon Games - Later versions from TSR) 

----Dark Ages (SPI)





----Quest of the Magic Ring 1st edition  



----Battle at Helms Deep (Richard Jordison)  

----Dungeons and Dragons (TSR - Original 3 Book Set)   



----Siege of Minas Tirith (Richard Jordison)   

----Siege of Barad-Dur (Jagdpanther)      

----The Battle of the Five Armies (LORE)

----Two Towers (Fantasy Game Company) 

----Quest of the Magic Ring (Land of Legend) 

----Siege of Gondor (Panzerfaust Magazine Issue #66)



----The Battle of the Five Armies (TSR)

----Ringbearer (Little Soldier)  

----War of the Ring (SPI) (Includes Games of Middle Earth, Sauron, and Gondor)

----The Hobbit Game (American Publishing Corp) 

----Dragons -An Adventure into Middle Earth (Lee Harvey)   

----Wizards and Warfare (Heritage models)

----Middle Earth Wargame Rules (SELWG)

----War of the Ring (Fantasy Games Unlimited - Bagged version) 



----The Hobbit (Milton Bradley)

----There and Back Again (West Coast Games) 

----Riddle of the Ring (Fellowship Games, INC)

----Battle of the Ring (3W and Wargamer magazine)



 ----The Lord of the Rings Recall Games (Milton Bradley)

----War of the Ring (Fantasy Games Unlimited - Boxed Version) 



----Lord of the Rings Adventure Game (Milton Bradley) 







----Riddle of the Ring (Fellowship Games, INC)



----The Lonely Mountain (Iron Crown Enterprises)


----Fellowship of the Ring (Iron Crown Enterprises)


----Riddle of the Ring (Fellowship Games, INC)



----Battle of Five Armies (Iron Crown Enterprises)

----Middle Earth (Games Workshop)



----Riddle of the Ring (Iron Crown Enterprises - ICE)

----Tolkien Quest Books (ICE)







----Middle Earth Books (ICE)







----Fellowship of the Ring Adventrue Game RPG (ICE)





----Ringgeister ("Ringwraths") (German - Laurin Games)  



---- Die grossen Abenteuer der kleinen Hobbits" - German - Queen Games (same as The Hobbit ICE version in 1997, this is the original German version that came out first)


----Middle Earth Collectable Card Game (Wizards of the Coast)


----Battle at Helms Deep (Miniature Wargames/Doug Larsen)



----The Hobbit (Iron Crown Enterprises) ("Die grossen Abenteuer der kleinen Hobbits" - German - Queen Games)

----Lord of the Rings Spoof Game Idea (Melkor-Bradely found on

----Pelennor Fields (Miniature Wargames/Doug Larsen)

----Battle of the Five Armies, KAOS Magazine #50 (Nexus - Italy)



----Battle of the Five Armies (Miniature Wargames/Doug Larsen

----Lord of the Rings Oracle (Godfield Books)



----Lord of the Rings Tarot Card and Game Deck (ICE?)



----Lord of the Rings (US - Hasbro/Parker Brothers) - ("Der Herr der Ringe" - German - Kosmos) 



----Die Gefahrten ("The Fellowship") (German - Kosmos Games)

----Der Herr der Ringe - Die Gefarhten: Das Kartenspiel ("LOTR The Fellowship Card Game") (German - Ravensburger)

----The Search (US - Rio Grande Games) ("Die Sucche" - German - Kosmos Games)

----The Enemies (US - Hasbro) ("Die Feinde" - German - Kosmos Games)

----The Fellowship of the Ring Tabletop Game (Game Workshop)

----The Hobbit - The Defeat of Smaug (US - Fantasy Flight Games) ("Der Kleine Hobbit" - German - Klee/Kosmos)

----Lord of the Rings Activity Game Pack (Mobil Oil New Zealand LTD)

----Lord of the Rings - Friend or Foe (LOTR Expansion Game) (Kosmos/Parker Brothers/Fantasy Flight) (German - Kosmos Games)

----O Senhor Dos Aneis - A Sociedade do Anel - A Guerra do Anel (Brazil - Glasslite)

----Kellogg Lord of the Rings 3D Card and Boardgame (Kellogg Cereal promotional in Germany) Fellowship of the Rings Version



----Lord of the Rings Limited Edition by Reiner Knizia

----Lord of the Rings - Sauron (LOTR Expansion Game) (Final Flight/Hasbro/Sophisticated Games)

----Lord of the Rings - The Confrontation (US - Sophiticated Games) ("Die Entscheidung" - German - Kosmos Games)

----El Senor de los Anillos ("Lord of the Rings" - Spain - EDAF) (Spainsh Version of Tarot Card Game)

----El Senor de los Anillos ("LOTR" - Spain - Fournier) (Deck of Cards)

----The Two Towers Tabletop (Game Workshop)

----Lord of the Rings Role Playing Adventure Game (Decipher)

----Middle Earth Games- Play by E-Mail (UK - Middle Earth PBEM Games)

----Lord of the Rings Risk Fellowship of the Ring/Two Tower version (Hasbro) 

----Lord of the Rings Classic Chess (Hasbro) 

----Lord of the Rings Collectable Card Game (Decipher)

----Lord of the Rings Deck of Cards (Bicycle and Character Games, and some cheap Singapore company)

----Lord of the Rings Computer Game for PS2, PC, XBox (Black Label)

----LOTR The Fellowship of the Ring Boardgame (RoseArt) 

----Lord of the Rings - The Two Towers Computer Game for PS2 (Black Label)

----LOTR Top Trumps Card Game: Fellowship of the Ring (UK - Winning Moves) 

----Kinder Surprise Lord of the Rings Boardgame (German - Kinder Surprise Eggs) 

----Der Herr der Ringe: Die Zwei Turme, Spiel zum Film (German Board Game) (LOTR – The Two Towers, film version) - Kosmos

----Wizards Duel (Games Workshop - UK)

----Kellogg Lord of the Rings 3D Card and Boardgame (Kellogg Cereal promotion in Germany) The Two Towers version

----A Guerra Do Anel (War of the Ring) Brazil - Free download PDF format, currently only in Portuguese (I'm working on an English translation)



----LOTR Top Trumps Card Game: The Two Towers (UK - Winning Moves) 

----Die Zwei Tuerme - Kartenspeil (German Card Game - Ravensburg Games) (Two Towers - Cardgame)

----Lord of the Rings The Two Towers Role Playing Game (Decipher)

----Lord of the Rings Childrens Game (Eagle Games) 

----Middle Earth Games (Mike's unlicensed game)

----Lord of the Rings Trivia Game (Fantasy Flight Games) 

----Lord of the Rings Memory Game (See LOTR Tri-Memo game below) (UK)

----Lord of the Rings Checkers Game (USAOPOLY) 

----Lord of the Rings Backgammon (USAOPOLY)

----Lord of the Rings Mind Teaser Games (3 versions) 

----Lord of the Rings Combat-Hex Game (Sabertooth Games)

----Battle of Destiny (LOTR) The Two Towers version (Character Games - UK) 

---- Lord of the Rings Monopoly (Hasbro) - Nov 2003 

---- Lord of the Rings Trivial Pursuit (Hasbro) - Nov 2003

----Lord of the Rings Tri-Memo Game (BETEXA/Feva UK Ltd Games - UK) - Nov 2003

---- Lord of the Rings: Risk - Trilogy Edition (Hasbro) - Nov 2003

----Lord of the Rings Labyrinth (Germany - Ravensburger)

----Der Herr der Ringe - Die Ruckkehr des Konigs (Return of the King - Germany - Kosmos)

----Lord of the Rings - The Fellowship of the Ring (Impact International - UK)

----Lord of the Rings - The Two Towers (Impact International - UK)

----Lord of the Rings - The Two Towers (Rose Art - US)



----Lord of the Rings Risk "Mordor and Gondor Expansion" (Europe - Parker Brothers) 

----Lord of the Rings - The Return of the King (Impact International - UK)

----Lord of the Rings - The Return of the King (Rose Art - US)

----War of the Ring Boardgame (Developed by Nexus, Distributed in US by Fantasy Flight)

----Battle of Destiny - Return of the King version (Character Games - UK)

----Lord of the Rings Stratego - Trilogy Edition (MB/Hasbro - US)

----Lord of the Rings Return of the King Playing Cards (Character Games)

----Lord of the Rings Top Trumps - Return of the King deck (Winning Moves, UK)

----Lord of the Rings Dominoes (Rose Art)

----Lord of the Rings Trivial Pursuit DVD - Movie Trilogy Edition (Hasbor/Parker Bros)

----TelePizza Lord of the Rings Games (3) (Telepizza, Spain/Portugal)

----Lord of the Rings Warriors of Middle Earth TV Sword Game (Tiger Games)

----Lord of the Rings: Battle for Middle Earth (I) for PCs (Electronic Arts - EA)

----Memory - Lord of the Rings (Return of the King version) (Ravensburger)



----Parchis  (Spain)

----Battle of the Five Armies (Games Workshop - UK, but available in the US in limited numbers)



----Lord of the Rings: The Confrontation, Deluxe Edition (Fantansy Flight)

----Battles of the Third Age - War of the Rings Expansion Game (Nexus/Fantasy Flight)

----Lord of the Rings: Battle for Middle Earth II -for PCs (Electronic Arts - EA)

----Lord of the Rings: Tactics for PSP (Play Station Portable by Electronic Arts)

----Ringmaster (Gioacchino Prestigiacomo - self published; Italy)



----Lord of the Rings: Battlefields - Expansion (Fantasy Flight Games) March

----The Lord of the Rings Game (Sophisticated Games - UK) (not to be confused with other LOTR game - this is a dice/board game)



----None found at this time.  If anyone has heard of one for 2008, please let me know.



----Middle-Earth Quest - (Fantasy Flight Games) I don't have a month at the moment.



----War of the Ring Collector's Edition - (Fantasy Flight Games) They say you can pre-order by Christmas for delivery in 2010, January I suppose



---- (xx



---- The Lord of the Rings: Nazgul - (WizKids Games)



---- Hobbit Tales from the Green Dragon - (Cubicle 7 Entertainment)

---- LEGO: The Battle of Helms Deep; Lord of the Rings - (LEGO)

---- Hobbit Unexpected Journey - (WizKids - coming soon)

---- Hobbit Puzzle Game - (WizKids - coming soon)



---- Battle of the Five Armies - (Ares Games in US, also Galakta in Europe, and others)


2015 - 2023

---- I'll fill in new games once I get the chance. To include 2021 SPI variant Helm's Deep, and The Fords of Isen based on the SPI Games of Middle Earth / Sauron and  Gondor. 

Stay tuned.