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The Hobbit Game (Boardgame)

American Publishing Corp, 1976

Ages 10 to Adult

This is a kids type board game for two to four players ages 10 to Adult.  According to the box lid – “The game allows a choice of risky or longer routes and gives you the option to buy various Magic Pieces (sword, map, Magic Ring, etc).  You can even somewhat control the Creatures that attack your opponents.”


The object of the game is the first player to accumulate 200 or some agreed number of Gold Coins.  The Gold is accumulated by successfully traveling from Start to the Gold Treasure at Lonely Mountain by any of the various trails.  Players collect the amount of Gold shown on that trail and then return by the Home Path to Hobbit Hill (start) and select another trail for additional trips to Lonely Mountain.  Of course some trails are more hazardous than others, but the player can accumulate more gold.  The red spaces are the Adventure Spaces where the player draws an Adventure Card.  At the beginning of the game, each player is dealt two Creature Cards (green) face down.  Then the top Creature Card on the deck is then turned face up.  This is the Creature that currently active.  Each Player is given 40 Gold Coins (to purchase Magic Pieces when the opportunity arises).  Players start at Hobbit Hill.  When a player passes another player on a trail, they can collect 10 Gold Coins from that player.  The green Creature Cards control the environment of the game and states what to do.  The Creature can be changed whenever a player lands on a green space or another player “throw” a Creature Card from their own hand.  The card is “thrown” before a player roles the dice on their turn.  The cards cannot be thrown until the creature has been in play for at least two turns.  Creature Cards can be purchased from the deck for 10 Gold Coins.  Players may not have more than three Creature Cards.  All players must adjust their journey to conform to the creatures that may be around at a particular time.  The Magic Pieces may be purchased for the prices shown on the spaces on the board.  These items can greatly help a player on his journey.  They can also be purchased at Hobbit Hill at a lower cost than on the trail.  The Magic Pieces are used with the Adventure Cards.


Game Consists of:

Two part playing board

Four moving Tokens, wooden (Red, Green, Blue, Orange)

Creature Cards (green) – (20)

Adventure Cards (red) – (20)

Gold Coins (yellow) - (Total 20: 12ea 10gp; 4ea 20gp; 4ea 30gp)

Equipment Pieces (heavy cardboard)

Dice (six sided)

Prestigiacomo Gioacchino of Italy has reported to us that he has a copy of The Hobbit by American Publishing with a red backed mapboard and one that is violet backed. Hopefully he can scan us a copy. Not sure if the color of the mapboard could mean a different printing but we will look into it.