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The Battle of the Five Armies - 2014

Published by Ares Games (in US)

Year Published - 2014


A 2 player board game. Similar to "War of the Ring". Made by same people. And "Middle Earth Quest" published by a different group.

This is the sixth version of this battle based on The Hobbit book (see list of the other 5 versions).

 Can't wait to get a hold of this one. For now I will post a few pictures. As of Sept 2014, you can get this in the US on Amazon for about $65. But retails for around $90, so that is a good deal.

 I don't know the rules yet. That will have to wait until I get a copy of the game.

US Version:

And a picture of the board:

Comes in different languages as well. At least in German and French.